I cannot express how happy I am with my experience here. People were professional, caring, and above all they knew what the they were doing and they did it right! They care about the vehicle owner’s expectations and they try to put your expectations on display. To me they went WAY above what I expected. My car looks nicer now than it did when it was brand new! A tree fell on my car during a wind storm and it was pretty banged up in very small barely visible areas and they took care of the smallest details down to the T. I’m not hoping I’ll ever have to fix my car again but if I ever do, I’m not ever going anywhere else. This place was worth every penny. I highly recommend it. Special thanks to Peter and Crystal for your excellent service!!

Scarlin P.

What an amazing collision repair business. Everyone was so kind, professional, and understanding. The result of the work was immaculate. They provided a rental and it released some stress I had about commuting to work. I HIGHLY recommend Cranston Collision & Auto Repair. The customer service provided really made me happy. It can be so rare depending on area and location, but overall everyone in the business was genuine. The work spoke for itself. Excellent!

Jacqueline W.

This is the second time I've gone to Cranston Collision in two years (both times after being recommended by someone's auto insurance). Everyone was very professional and the entire process of dropping off my car, taking a rental and picking up was very smooth. I appreciated the updates on my car while they had it. The real motivating factor to writing this review however is the man who cleaned my car- it hasn't been this clean in over a year! He even found all the treasures that had been hiding under my seats and put them in a box in the trunk (you found my headphones!). You are the real MVP!

Michelle B.

Cranston Collision was recommended to me by my insurance when I needed my passenger side mirror replace and am I glad they did. Everyone there is extremely professional and thoughtful. While my car was there, I ended up adding in a few other services like buffing and painting of a few deep scratches. I feel like I have a brand new car! For any future services, I plan on using Cranston Collision and suggest you do as well!

Vanessa R.

WOW, my Jeep looks great. What an amazing job. Everyone was very welcoming, kind and very professional, from beginning to end. I'm EXTREMELY Satisfied and grateful to have found such a talented and professional group of individuals. The thank you card left inside my Jeep was an especially nice touch – I would definitely recommend them.


Extremely satisfied ! Customer service was top notch and my severely damaged car came back to me like it came from a dealer's showroom. Great doing business with them, from start to finish. Thank you Amanda and all who helped me. You shine!

David D.

I cannot say enough good things about this business!
This was my second time bringing my car in for repairs and both times I received exceptional service and have never been to a collision center/auto body shop where the staff was so kind, honest, and accommodating.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone who needs repairs to bring their car to Dennis and his team- you will definitely leave satisfied!

Kayla B. - 02/20/2021


Recently had my car fixed at Cranston Collision. Absolute first class establishment. Car looks great and customer service cannot be beat.

William C. - 02/19/2021



I dropped my Jeep off Monday morning. Was given the estimate the next day as promised. Today February 10th they called and told me the job was completed! It was 4 grand worth of damage! They are super professional and wicked nice. I highly recommend this company, I have already began telling my co workers about this place. I couldn’t be more happy with the work they did, my Jeep came out looking way better than before the damage occurred. I want to thank the employees I worked with y’all are amazing!

Sigourney P. - 02/08/2021



5 STARS EASY HAD MY 2010 Altima looking amazing!! Really nice people very clean very helpful I definitely recommend you get your car fixed here anytime... best collision place Rhode Island 🥇⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dan - 01/25/2021


Peter, as well as the entire staff go out of there way to ensure everything is explained and given every attention to detail. Their work is outstanding and I couldn't be happier with my experience here. Will definitely be a repeat customer, when the need arises.

Allan D - 02/26/2020


Whats worse than rear ending someone and its your fault? Cranston Collision did everything for me including coordinating the rental and working with the insurance. It allowed me to pretend like it never happened and when I got my truck back, it looks and drives like it never happened. Pete and everyone were fabulous to work with. Highly recommend!!!!!

Terry G. - 01/22/2021


WOW, my Jeep looks great. What an amazing job. Everyone was very welcoming, kind and very professional, from beginning to end. I'm EXTREMELY Satisfied and grateful to have found such a talented and professional group of individuals. The thank you card left inside my Jeep was an especially nice touch 😉👍I would definitely recommend them.

Moonfeather G. - 02/25/2020


Wonderful service. Superb. I went in knowing I would have to pay a certain deductible. They talked with my insurance and reduced it for me, without me even asking! They really take care of their customers. Can't recommend them enough.

Homura N. - 01/10/2021



There isn’t enough words to describe how incredibly amazing Cranston Collision Center is. From the front desk staff, the mechanics, technicians, to management.... they are all amazing.

I didn’t think I could fall in love with an auto body shop, but I have. My truck has been in their care twice due to a collision with a turkey hitting my grill and going through the engine. It looks and drives as if it has come off the show room floor.

I especially appreciate their care in warranting the work the do. I had one small issue and it was taken care of promptly with the best care and professionalism.

None of us want to need a body shop, but if you do, please call them. I’ve no doubt you’ll be taken great care of.

Nate W. - 11/19/2020


Great place to get your car repaired. The shop offers a free rental.
I picked up my car after they repaired it and I was sooo HAPPY it looked brand new 😱 , and inside my car I found a courtesy card such a nice touch !

Gigi J. - 6/15/2020


"Cranston Collision recently worked on my Honda CRV that had been rear ended, and required a new bumper. From the moment I spoke to Pete on the phone to schedule my estimate, I knew I was in good hands. Everyone I had spoken to at Cranston Collision was professional, helpful, and patient. Each and every one of them was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Let's face it, car accidents disrupt your life regardless of the severity. Cranston Collision made the entire experience as smooth as possible. They've partnered with a local Enterprise who work with Cranston Collision to ensure you are not left without a car, and they make sure to be on-site at the time you drop off your car for repairs. The day I dropped off my CRV I think the entire process of checking in my vehicle and driving off in my rental was less than 5 minutes. On top of that - from start to finish -  my car was with them for a mere 3 business days, and I received text updates through out the entire process notifying me of where they were in the repairs. My car came back to me looking spotless (and flawless) inside and out, and the little thank you note left on my dashboard was truly the cherry on top of an incredible customer experience. Thank you Cranston Collision! You'll certainly be my go-to for any future auto body needs!"

Mary S. - 8/17/2019


"The staff was exceptional throughout the entire process of getting my vehicle repaired, from the initial estimate right thru pickup. They handled the hassle of insurance calls and explained the process thoroughly. Thank you for keeping customer service and quality your top priority!!!!"

Holly B. - 8/10/2019


"There service is top noch. I would recommend them to anyone."

Manuel M. - 8/1/2019


"This was the first body shop I found on google maps with a 4+ star ratings. When I dropped of my car, the owner came out and introduced himself, was very professional. They had my car done in 3 days, and it came out amazing! They even took care of a scratch on the other side of the vehicle from the accident side when they detailed it. The color matched perfectly. I hope not to have any further accidents, but if I do, I’ll bring my vehicle to Cranston Collision!"

David S. - 7/20/2019


"Excellent repair shop and staff. Restored the CR-V with skill."

Denis M. - 7/15/2019


"WOW, my Jeep looks great. What an amazing job. Everyone was very welcoming, kind and very professional, from beginning to end. I'm EXTREMELY Satisfied and grateful to have found such a talented and professional group of individuals. The thank you card left inside my Jeep was an especially nice touch. I would definitely recommend them."

Anonymous - 6/16/2019


"Dennis and his crew went the extra mile to repair my dad's Lincoln, the paint job is excellent and they detailed the entire car..... would recommend Cranston Collision to anyone, the quality of the their work is fantastic."

John T. - 6/15/2019


I would recommend Cranston Collision to anyone! Their customer service is stellar. Their collision repair work is above par. I am extremely satisfied and grateful!

Anonymous - 6/10/2019


We just picked up our 2015 Ford Fusion the other day and are thrilled with the results! The car looks absolutely amazing!! You do excellent work! We are very pleased because it needed extensive repairs. Amica Insurance had recommended you and we are extremely happy we followed that advice.

Pam U. - 4/5/2019


Words can not explain the gratitude I have for the whole Cranston collision team. Professional..friendly..top notch work. Amanda in the front office was so kind and just took great care of me...so thank you so much for everything you did for me and how nicely and classy you ALL did it.

Cheryl D. - 3/15/2019


My brand new car (literally just 2 weeks old) was in a pretty bad accident. Cranston Collision made the entire process from start to finish so easy and stress free. My car looks amazing I'm so grateful for everyone! The ladies at the front desk are a top notch crew Thanks again for making my car look beautiful again!

Kelley S. - 1/3/2019


I have a 2013 ACURA RDX and hit a deer on Saturday 12/15 with minor damage. I then put a claim through GEICO through my phone app on Sunday 12/16 and I was able to schedule an appointment for early Monday 12/17. I was put into a rental car that same morning and got my car back Friday 12/22 as promised. I am very satisfied with the work and my car looks great...better than it did before I hit deer.

Jason B. - 1/2/2019


Expert staff makes any repair effortless. Great work, never have any issue. Great for automobile service too!

Jack D. - 11/12/2018

This place deserves more than 5 stars!! Came here for my vehicle to be repaired from an accident and they worked perfect with Progressive insurance from the other party. Super friendly, fast, truthful, impeccable work and super helpful! Thanks for everything. Keep up the amazing work!

Brittany C. - 9/24/2018

I could not have asked for a better experience, from the front office staff through the owner, they were pleasant, informed and did everything. They even detailed the car which was such a pleasant surprise! I will now use them for and auto body repair needs!

Suzann M. - 8/12/2018

Brought my Camry here because It was referred by Geico. My wife had hit our fence and there was damage to the bumper, fender and headlamp. Dropped my car off on a Monday. At first I was told it would be completed by that Wednesday or Thursday the latest. Thursday came along and no phone call so I decided to call. They said because I also asked for a quote on the rear bumper they stopped working on the car. After a few exchanges of bad words Dennis apologized and said it would be done the middle of the following week. The following Tuesday came along and I received a call saying it was completed. All I can say was wow!! Definitely worth the wait! Not only did they fix what was damaged but also reconditioned the inside and buffed the whole car! Dennis also gave me a gift certificate for another reconditioning because of the exchange of words over the phone! I understand we all have our bad days and as soon as he apologized I told him it was all good. Then for him to go the extra mile to make it look new again...I'm happy!! I would definitely recommend Cranston Collision!! Thanks Dennis!! I'll be bringing my car in again as soon as it needs reconditioning.

Vanna K. - 6/26/2018

I have been to a lot of body shops in my life and have had so many horrible experiences that I won't trust many people to touch my cars.

I read about Cranston Collision and their story in a supermarket advertisement and I felt I had to visit as I love customizing cars. Upon the first repair they did, I was hooked and I'm not going anywhere else. It's not just a body shop, it's a family business.

They drove to my house to pick up a part, they got a rental car for me, most places don't go out of their way like Dennis does. Top notch service.

When i pick up my car i know it was repaired correctly and it's always clean inside and out.

Amazing people to deal with; very professional and honest.

Kosta K. - 6/4/2018


Excellent customer service, car looks great, and the loaner car was a huge help. Thank you!

Claire - 5/10/2018

We appreciate that you went back to USAA and let them know that the "cheap" approach was not satisfactory. So far, we have only driven the car once, on the way back home, but it looks very good. Thank you.

Frederick - 4/17/2018